Ground Beetles of Ireland

Dyschirius politus

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Dyschirius politus
© Roy Anderson
Dyschirius politus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Dyschirius politus (Dejean, 1825)

Description: Small (4-5mm), bronze-black burrowing ground beetle, predatory on rove beetles of the genus Bledius. Prefers sandy places on the coast, sometimes with other Dyschirius .

World Distribution: A Eurasian Boreo-temperate species (55) found across central and northern Europe to Siberia.

Irish Status: Widely distributed but very local in similar places to D. impunctipennis. The absence of records for the south coast is curious.

Ecology: Found in more silty or clayey habitats than either of the two preceding species. There is one inland record for fine sand mixed with soil, under alder on the shores of Lough Neagh at Rea's Wood National Nature Reserve, Antrim. Otherwise it has been recorded exclusively from coastal habitats.