Ground Beetles of Ireland

Carabus glabratus

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Carabus glabratus
© Roy Anderson
Carabus glabratus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Carabus glabratus Paykull, 1790

Description: Large, (23-30mm) dull metallic black, ground beetle with blue flashes along the margins of the prontotum and elytra. Faintly metallic all-blue specimens occur occasionally. Lives among heather and litter on well-vegetated upland peat, particularly on raised bogs.

World Distribution: A European Boreo-arctic Montane species (23), widespread in central and northern Europe north to the Arctic Circle.

Irish Status: Widespread in areas of hill peat. Very local but common where it occurs.

Ecology: Primarily a montane species, occupying wetter blanket peat on the whole than C. arvensis. Koch (1992) describes it as stenotopic silvicolous in central Europe. In northern Europe it is a characteristic member of the boreal forest fauna. In the British Isles, dwarf shrub (Calluna) heath is favoured. Quite often day active and encountered perambulating across open Sphagnum pillows on the bog surface.