Ground Beetles of Ireland

Paranchus albipes

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Paranchus albipes
© Roy Anderson
Paranchus albipes
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Paranchus albipes (Fabricius, 1796)

Description: A 6.5-9mm long brownish to black ground beetle with conspicuous yellow legs. Very common under stones and among litter or on mud at the side of streams and rivers.

World Distribution: A difficult species to classify, but probably best described as European Wide-temperate (63), with a wide distribution in Europe from southern Fennoscandia to southern Spain and Italy and into north Africa and Asia Minor, but particularly abundant near Atlantic coasts.

Irish Status: Widespread and abundant near water throughout Ireland.

Ecology: A ubiquitous riparian species. Sometimes common in other kinds of wet places including man-made quarry holes and semisaline habitats.