Ground Beetles of Ireland

Laemostenus complanatus

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Laemostenus complanatus
© Roy Anderson
Laemostenus complanatus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Laemostenus complanatus (Dejean, 1828)

Description: 13-16mm long, slightly metallic brown-black ground beetle. Usually recorded on the shore near to docklands, having been introduced from North Africa by shipping.

World Distribution: Like Sphodrus, an immigrant from the Mediterranean to western Europe, but it is less synanthropic than that species and has become established in open sites near ports on the coast. Suboceanic Southern-temperate (82) in distribution, and found from the British Isles and Belgium along the French coast south to the Iberian Peninsula and Italy, but indigenous only in north Africa.

Irish Status: Mainly recorded as an immigrant around large ports e.g. Belfast and Dublin.

Ecology: Occupies waste ground near the upper shore or in parks and gardens along the coast. Occasionally found in sand dunes.