Ground Beetles of Ireland

Pogonus chalceus

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Pogonus chalceus
© Roy Anderson
Pogonus chalceus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Pogonus chalceus (Marsham, 1802)

Description: A small (5.5-6.5mm) bronze ground beetle with greenish or bluish metallic reflections. Found on saltmarshes and estuaries, where it is often locally common under seaweed and driftwood on the strandline.

World Distribution: A European Southern-temperate species (83) confined to sea coasts in western and southern Europe, but also known from a few inland saline places in central Europe. Similar forms occur in central Asia.

Irish Status: A coastal species and probably found throughout.

Ecology: Halobiontic and thermophilic in sandy or silty saltmarsh environments from the upper middle shore to the Extreme High Water Spring Tide (EHWST).