Ground Beetles of Ireland

Patrobus septentrionis

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Patrobus septentrionis
© Roy Anderson
Patrobus septentrionis
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Patrobus septentrionis Dejean, 1828

Description: A small (7.5-10mm) brown-black ground beetle of upland wetlands and streamsides with long vegetation. Kerry only.

World Distribution: A circumpolar Arctic-montane species (16), confined in Europe to northern Fennoscandia and the British Isles with outlying relict populations in the Alps.

Irish Status: Janson & Bonaparte Wyse (1923) record this species for Carrantuohill, Kerry. In Britain it is rare in northern England but widespread in the central and west Scottish highlands. Possibly confined to the south-west in Ireland.

Ecology: A cold-adapted species probably confined to high mountains in our area.