Ground Beetles of Ireland

Dyschirius thoracicus

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Dyschirius thoracicus
© Roy Anderson
Dyschirius thoracicus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Dyschirius thoracicus (Rossi, 1790)

Description: Small (3.5-4.7mm) bronze-black burrowing ground beetle, predatory on rove beetles of the genus Bledius, especially B. arenarius. Found on bare sand by water on the coast, river margins, sandpits, etc.

World Distribution: A Eurasian Wide-temperate species (65) found across the whole of Europe to eastern Siberia.

Irish Status: Another coastal species in Ireland, and again, widespread but local. Johnson & Halbert (1902) quote two early records for Lough Neagh but confusion with D. obscurus seems likely and there is no evidence that it occurs at inland sites.

Ecology: Found in a wider range of sands and sandy clays than other species of the genus in Ireland. In Northern Ireland, it is mostly recorded in association with B. fergussoni. However, B. erraticus Erichson, B. gallicus and B. longulus have also been found in the vicinity of colonies.