Ground Beetles of Ireland

Notiophilus biguttatus

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Notiophilus biguttatus
© Roy Anderson
Notiophilus biguttatus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Notiophilus biguttatus (Fabricius, 1779)

Description: Small (5-6mm) bronze ground beetle. Diurnal, on open ground, including gardens and arable, but almost anywhere from the shoreline to montane peatlands. Very common.

World Distribution: Widespread across the European Boreo-temperate zone (53).

Irish Status: Widespread and common throughout.

Ecology: A eurytopic species but mainly in shaded habitats. On the Continent regarded as a eurytopic woodland species (Lindroth, 1985, Marggi, 1992), but occurring in a wider range of habitats in the British Isles including gardens and upland heaths.