Ground Beetles of Ireland

Nebria salina

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Nebria salina
© Roy Anderson
Nebria salina
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Nebria salina Fairmaire et Laboulbene, 1854

Description: Moderately large (10-14mm) black ground beetle living in dryish or well-drained habitats, mainly under stones on mountain summits, or in dry open sites in peatlands, occasionally on the coast. Generally much more local and uncommon than the very similar but hygrophilous Nebria brevicollis.

World Distribution: A Suboceanic temperate species (72), commonest near the western seaboard of Europe, but extending locally to eastern France and central Germany, and south to southern Spain. In Fennoscandia it is found only in southern and western coastal areas (Lindroth, 1992).

Irish Status: Widely distributed in Ireland but localised and generally much less abundant than Nebria brevicollis.

Ecology: A xerophilic species occupying open ground on well-drained soils in peatlands or on mountains. It is particularly widespread on the summit moraine of mountains. Burning and grazing, or other management which reduces the canopy in dwarf shrub heaths, appears to be important for its survival. Surprisingly, there are few records for coastal dunes which do not appear to be an important habitat, except where acid dune heath occurs.