Ground Beetles of Ireland

Carabus arvensis

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Carabus arvensis
© Roy Anderson
Carabus arvensis
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Carabus arvensis Herbst, 1784

Description: A large (16-20mm), granulate bronze or green ground beetle of drier montane dwarf shrub heaths. Also in Atlantic heaths down to sea level on western coasts.

World Distribution: A Eurasian Boreo-temperate species (55), widespread in Europe north to the Arctic Circle and east across Siberia to Sakhalin and Japan.

Irish Status: Widespread but local in hill areas and commoner in the north. Not recorded from the south-west.

Ecology: Primarily a montane species, occurring on the drier parts of blanket peat or on thin ranker soils. Koch (1992) describes it as xerophilous/silvicolous in central Europe, but in the British Isles dwarf shrub (Calluna) heath is the preferred habitat. Occurs down to sea level in a few Atlantic heath sites in the west.