Ground Beetles of Ireland

Faunal elements within the Irish Carabidae

(adapted from Preston & Hill (1997))

The first digit of the number indicates the major biome category (MBC; emboldened script in column 1); the second digit indicates the eastern limit category (additional descriptors in column 1).

Element/biomeBiome CodeDefinitionsNo. spp.
Arctic-montane1Species with their main distribution north of the tree line, in fjelds or tundra.-
Oceanic11West European, near coastlines0
Suboceanic12West and central Europe to Germany, Switzerland, eastern France and Italy, but not Poland, eastern Europe or the Balkans.0
European13Europe, including the Caucasus, as far as 60° East.0
Eurosiberian14Eurasia as far as 120° East, including trans-Baikal - west Palaearctic.0
Eurasian15Europe to eastern Siberia beyond 120° East, to the Lena or Amur Rivers - trans-Palaearctic.0
Circumpolar16Eurasia & N. America - Holarctic2
Boreo-arctic montane2Species occurring in both the Arctic-montane and Boreal-montane zones.-
Oceanic21 0
Suboceanic22 0
European23 1
Eurosiberian24 1
Eurasian25 1
Circumpolar26 2
Wide-boreal3Species with their main distribution in the Boreal zone, but with wide occurrence in the Arctic and Temperate zones.  
Oceanic31 0
Suboceanic32 0
European33 1
Eurosiberian34 3
Eurasian35 2
Circumpolar 36 3
Boreal-montane4Species with their main distribution in the coniferous forest zone. This category includes species found at low elevations in the Boreal biome and montane species found within the Temperate biome. 
Oceanic41 0
Suboceanic42 1
European43 3
Eurosiberian44 2
Eurasian45 1
Circumpolar46 1
Boreo-temperate5Species which occur more or less equally in the Boreal and Temperate zones. 
Oceanic51 0
Suboceanic52 0
European53 11
Eurosiberian54 15
Eurasian55 16
Circumpolar56 4
Wide-temperate6Species with distribution centred on the Temperate zone but found widely in the Boreal and Southern zones - may be absent from the Boreal zone but be subalpine within the Temperate zone. Coastal spp. in this category occur into the Baltic and Black Seas and possibly coastlines in Arctic areas. 
Oceanic61 0
Suboceanic62 0
European63 17
Eurosiberian64 25
Eurasian65 31
Circumpolar66 1
Temperate7Species characteristic of the cool Temperate broad-leaved forest zone. 
Oceanic71 5
Suboceanic72 5
European73 11
Eurosiberian74 7
Eurasian75 3
Circumpolar76 0
Southern-temperate8Species found more or less equally in the Temperate and Southern zones. Coastal species in this category may occur in the Baltic Provinces. 
Oceanic81 1
Suboceanic82 5
European83 14
Eurosiberian84 7
Eurasian85 1
Circumpolar86 0
Mediterranean-Atlantic91Species found across the Mediterranean (both west and east) and the Atlantic fringes of Europe. Coastal species in this group do not extend to the Arctic Ocean or to the Baltic and Black Seas.8
Submediterranean-Atlantic92As for 91 but with a broader range in Europe, extending into south-central areas.0
Mediterranean-montane93Montane in the Southern biome but found in considerably warmer conditions than typical Boreal-montane fauna.0