Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Centaurium littorale (Turner ex Sm.) Gilmour - Seaside Centaury - Gentianaceae
Centaurium littorale
© Roy Anderson
Centaurium littorale
(Map updated: March 2008)

The Seaside Centaury is similar to the Common Centaury but has narrow leaves and the flowers are of a more intense colour. It is rare in Northern Ireland, being found only at a few sites on the North Coast sand dunes.

All names: Centaurium littorale (Turner ex Sm.) Gilmour; Centaurium minus Moench; Centaurium vulgare Rafn; Erythraea compressa Kunth; Erythraea littoralis (D.Turner) Fr.; Erythraea turneri Wheldon & Salmon

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