Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Rubus spectabilis Pursh - Salmonberry - Rosaceae
Rubus spectabilis
© Paul Hackney
Rubus spectabilis
(Map updated: March 2008)

A tall thicket-forming North American species related to our native raspberry, but far more vigorous. The large flowers are produced very early in the spring (March) and are a beautiful rosy-purple colour. The fruit is edible but rather tasteless, looking like a large raspberry.

This plant was introduced into large gardens and demesnes where some of the largest thickets may be found, but it is also established in wild lowland areas such as on some river banks, where it can become a severe local nuisance. Its invasion of native vegetation in Northern Ireland appears to be fairly recent, within the past 40-50 years. Its spread seems to be largely vegetative.

All names: Rubus spectabilis Pursh

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