Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Ranunculus peltatus Schrank - Pond Water-crowfoot - Ranunculaceae
Ranunculus peltatus
© Graham Day
Ranunculus peltatus
© Ian Dodkins
Ranunculus peltatus
(Map updated: March 2008)

This species is quite similar in appearance to the somewhat commoner and more robust Ranunculus penicillatus, but it is not always easy to distinguish the two species. However, R. penicillatus is characteristic of swift-flowing water, whereas R. peltatus is generally found in slow-moving streams or in lakes or ponds. It requires fairly nutrient-rich (eutrophic) conditions.

All names: Ranunculus peltatus Schrank; Ranunculus aquatilis ssp. peltatus (Schrank) Syme; Ranunculus floribundus Bab.; Ranunculus spaerospermus auct.

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