Flora of Northern Ireland
  • Cephalanthera longifolia (L.) Fritsch - Narrow-Leaved Helleborine - Orchidaceae
Cephalanthera longifolia
© Robert Thompson
Cephalanthera longifolia
© John Wilde
Cephalanthera longifolia
(Map updated: March 2008)

This orchid is called the Narrow-Leaved Helleborine or the Long-Leaved Helleborine and is extinct in Northern Ireland: the photograph was taken in Co. Clare.

It was known to occur in damp woodland about the north-east corner of Lough Neagh and Muckamore areas until about 1840. It had also been found in 1694 by William Sherard at Derry Lough near Ballynahinch - one of the earliest records for any plant species in Northern Ireland.

All names: Cephalanthera longifolia (L.) Fritsch; Cephalanthera ensifolia (Schmidt) Rich.

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