Additional NIEA earth science sources

Area of Special Scientific Interest

Many of the Earth Science Conservation Review sites have been designated as Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs). Location of ASSIs can be found using the Natural Environment Map Viewer

Select ‘Layer List’, expand the ‘Protected Areas’ option and click on ‘Area of Special Scientific Interest’.

Click on any site of interest and summary details are shown including a link to further documentation on that ASSI.

These will include the designation map, citation supporting the designation and, in some instances, A Special Place leaflet providing summary information on the sites importance.

A full listing of ASSIs can be found at

Data can be sorted by Feature Type (the reason justifying the ASSI designation), by County or as an alphabetical list. Note that some sites will have been designated for a variety of features types.

Landscapes and Seascapes of Northern Ireland

While Northern Ireland presents as a small area, the variety of landscape types are diverse, often reflecting underlying geological and geomorphological factors.

The Northern Ireland Regional Landscape Character Assessment identifies 26 discrete areas each with supporting documentation.

The Northern Ireland Landscape Character Assessment identifies 130 separate Landscape Character Areas. Each of these has associated documentation including a Geodiversity Profile.

Further information on both of these datasets can be accessed on the DAERA website. Pointers within link to maps of the landscape areas and documentation for each.

A similar exercise has been carried out to define Seascape Character Areas with 24 discrete areas identified. Further information can be found at with links to supporting documentation.

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