DragonflyIreland - Credits

Main text by Brian Nelson.

Additional text by Robert Thompson & Christine Morrow.

Photographs by Robert Thompson.

Technical design and layout of web pages by Bernard Picton and Christine Morrow.

CEDaR distribution information by Damian McFerran. The maps were produced using DMAP.

DragonflyIreland is a joint project supported by Dúchas The Heritage Service, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Natural Sciences, National Museums Northern Ireland.

The text and photographs are covered by copyright and may not be used without permission.

This publication should be cited as; Nelson, B., Thompson, R. & Morrow, C., 2000 [In] DragonflyIreland http://www.ulstermuseum.org.uk/dragonflyireland/
Nelson, B., Thompson, R. & Morrow, C., 2000 (September 12). [In] DragonflyIreland http://www.ulstermuseum.org.uk/dragonflyireland/

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