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National Museums Northern Ireland

The Ulster Museum in Belfast is part of the National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland, MAGNI. The Museum's origins date back to 1821 when the Belfast Natural History Society was founded. Today, the Museum has important collections of archaeology, art and ethnography and the largest natural history collections in Northern Ireland . The Museum is very active in disseminating information on natural history through its virtual presence under the Habitas programme.

Northern Ireland Environment Agency  

Northern Ireland Environment Agnecy (NIEA) is the largest Agency within the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland . NIEA takes the lead in advising on, and in implementing, the Government's environmental policy and strategy in Northern Ireland. The Agency carries out a range of activities, which promote the Government's key themes of sustainable development, biodiversity and climate change. Our overall aims are to protect and conserve Northern Ireland 's natural heritage and built environment, to control and regulate pollution and to promote the wider appreciation of the environment and best environmental practices.

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The National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS), part of the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government (DEHLG), manages the Irish State ’s nature conservation responsibilities under National and European law. NPWS is charged with the conservation of a range of ecosystems and populations of flora and fauna in Ireland . A particular responsibility of NPWS is the designation and protection of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Natural Heritage Areas (NHAs).

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The National Museum of Ireland - Natural History is home to the Natural History Division which is responsible for caring for the Museum collections in the disciplines of zoology and geology. It is located in Merrion Street, Dublin, in the oldest purpose-built Museum building in Ireland that is still used as originally intended. There are approximately 10,000 animals on display which have been drawn from collections of over 2,000,000 specimens.

This website is a collaborative project between the Natural History Museum, Dublin, the Ulster Museum, Belfast, Environment and Heritage Service and National Parks and Wildlife Service. The first year of the InvertebrateIreland project has been grant-aided by the EU's Building Sustainable Prosperity programme, thereby enabling the Zoology Department of the Ulster Museum to employ a dedicated web site development officer. Its main aim is to guide you to the available information about the species of terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates found in the whole island of Ireland.

Misumena vatia

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Links are provided to the other sites on the Habitas pages of the Ulster Museum that deal with invertebrates.

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