Northern Ireland's Priority Species

Species list

All species listed are Priority Species but those that are not highlighted in bold do not yet have a species account. Text for these species will be added in due course.

Common NameScientific name
variegated scallop Chlamys varia
Cumanotus beaumonti Cumanotus beaumonti
egg cowrie Erato voluta
Eubranchus doriae Eubranchus doriae
horse mussel Modiolus modiolus
native oyster Ostrea edulis
Palio dubia Palio dubia
greater marbled chiton Tonicella marmorea
Hydrobia ventrosa Ventrosia ventrosa
Hydrobia acuta Hydrobia acuta neglecta
point snail Acicula fusca
moss bladder snail Aplexa hypnorum
ear pond snail Radix auricularia
whirlpool ram's horn Anisus vortex
smooth ram's horn Gyraulus laevis
small amber snail Succinella oblonga
marsh whorl snail Vertigo antivertigo
Lilljeborg’s whorl snail Vertigo lilljeborgi
Vertigo geyeri Vertigo geyeri
narrow-mouthed whorl snail Vertigo angustior
moss chrysalis snail Pupilla muscorum
English chrysalis snail Leiostyla anglica
beautiful grass snail Vallonia pulchella
plaited snail Spermodea lamellata
lesser bulin Merdigera obscura
hollowed glass snail Zonitoides excavatus
ash-black slug Limax cinereoniger
plaited door snail Cochlodina laminata
tree snail Balea perversa
heath snail Helicella itala
brown snail Zenobiella subrufescens
copse snail Arianta arbustorum
freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera
swan mussel Anodonta cygnea
duck mussel Anodonta anatina
lake (or capped) orb mussel Musculium lacustre
Lilljeborg’s pea mussel Pisidium lilljeborgii
iridescent pea mussel Pisidium pulchellum
brackish cockle Cerastoderma glaucum
fan mussel Atrina fragilis