Northern Ireland's Priority Species

Species list

All species listed are Priority Species but those that are not highlighted in bold do not yet have a species account. Text for these species will be added in due course.

Common NameScientific name
a ground beetle Carabus clatratus
a ground beetle Pelophila borealis
a ground beetle Dyschirius obscurus
a ground beetle Lebia cruxminor
the saltmarsh crawling water beetle Haliplus apicalis
a crawling water beetle Haliplus variegatus
dinghy skipper Laccophilus hyalinus
the nine-striped diving beetle Hygrotus novemlineatus
three bs diver Hydroporus glabriusculus
sharpís parallel diver Hydroporus longicornis
quicksilver diver Hydroporus morio
a water beetle Stictotarsus multilineatus
davisís river diver Oreodytes davisi
arctic diver Agabus arcticus
copper diver Ilybius chalconatus
relative diver Agabus congener
spattered diver Agabus conspersus
dull bronze diver Ilybius subaeneus
highland great diving beetle Dytiscus lapponicus
a water beetle Hydrochus brevis
upland frenchman Helophorus arvernicus
orangeman Helophorus fulgidicollis
eared moss beetle Ochthebius auriculatus
moss beetle Ochthebius bicolon
a moss beetle Enicocerus exsculptus
diminutive moss beetle Hydraena minutissima
black moss beetle Hydraena nigrita
red-legged moss beetle Hydraena rufipes
a rove beetle Bledius erraticus
a rove beetle Stenus palposus
a rove beetle Bolitobius castaneus
a rove beetle Aloconota planifrons
a chafer Melolontha hippocastani
transition marsh beetle Cyphon punctipennis
rockhopper beetle Hydrocyphon deflexicollis
a beetle Dorcatoma dresdensis
a spider beetle Ptinus subpilosus
an ant-like beetle Anthicus scoticus
the zircon reed beetle Donacia aquatica
the two-tone reed beetle Donacia bicolora
hairy reed beetle Donacia cinerea
a true weevil Otiorhynchus auropunctatus
a weevil Cneorhinus plumbeus
short sloth weevil Bagous frit
horsetail sloth weevil Bagous lutulentus