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Latin names

Map-winged Swift
Gold Swift
Ghost Moth
Lunar Hornet Moth
Red-tipped Clearwing
Six-spot Burnet
Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet
Dingy Skipper
Cryptic Wood White
Orange Tip
Large White
Small White
Green-veined White
Clouded Yellow
Speckled Wood
Large Heath
Small Heath
Meadow Brown
Silver-washed Fritillary
Dark Green Fritillary
Red Admiral
Painted Lady
Small Tortoiseshell
Camberwell Beauty
Marsh Fritillary
Small Copper
Purple Hairstreak
Green Hairstreak
Small Blue
Holly Blue
Common Blue
Scalloped Hook-tip
Barred Hook-tip
Pebble Hook-tip
Chinese Character
Peach Blossom
Buff Arches
Poplar Lutestring
Common Lutestring
Yellow Horned
December Moth
Pale Eggar
Small Eggar
Northern Eggar
Fox Moth
Emperor Moth
Eyed Hawk-moth
Poplar Hawk-moth
Convolvulus Hawk-moth
Death's-head Hawk-moth
Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk
Humming-bird Hawk-moth
Oleander Hawk-moth
Striped Hawk-moth
Elephant Hawk-moth
Small Elephant Hawk-moth
Silver-striped Hawk-moth
Single-dotted Wave
Small Fan-footed Wave
Riband Wave
Plain Wave
Mullein Wave
Small Blood-vein
Lesser Cream Wave
Smoky Wave
Birch Mocha
Lead Belle
July Belle
Shaded Broad-bar
Oblique Carpet
The Gem
Red Carpet
Garden Carpet
Red Twin-spot Carpet
Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet
Flame Carpet
Silver-ground Carpet
Yellow Shell
Small Argent & Sable
Common Carpet
Galium Carpet
Sharp-angled Carpet
Beautiful Carpet
Dark Spinach
Yellow-ringed Carpet
Grey Mountain Carpet
July Highflyer
May Highflyer
Ruddy Highflyer
Pine Carpet
Chestnut-coloured Carpet
Spruce Carpet
Grey Pine Carpet
Juniper Carpet
Blue-bordered Carpet
Barred Yellow
Broken-barred Carpet
Purple Bar
Northern Spinach
Barred Straw
Small Phoenix
Red-green Carpet
Autumn Green Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet
Dark Marbled Carpet
Beech-green Carpet
Green Carpet
Mottled Grey
Striped Twin-spot Carpet
Water Carpet
Northern Winter Moth
Winter Moth
November Moth
Pale November Moth
Autumnal Moth
Small Autumnal Moth
Small White Wave
Dingy Shell
Small Yellow Wave
Welsh Wave
Brown Scallop
Dark Umber
Argent and Sable
Scallop Shell
Slender-striped Rufous
Chimney Sweeper
Twin-spot Carpet
Small Rivulet
Barred Rivulet
Pretty Pinion
Grass Rivulet
Sandy Carpet
Barred Carpet
Double-striped Pug
Green Pug
Bilberry Pug
Haworth's Pug
Slender Pug
Cloaked Pug
Toadflax Pug
Foxglove Pug
Lead-coloured Pug
Marsh Pug
Netted Pug
Brindled Pug
Oak-tree Pug
Juniper Pug
White-spotted Pug
Golden-rod Pug
Dwarf Pug
Larch Pug
Pimpinel Pug
Plain Pug
Narrow-winged Pug
Angle-barred Pug
Ochreous Pug
Thyme Pug
Lime-speck Pug
Triple-spotted Pug
Freyer's Pug
Satyr Pug
Wormwood Pug
Valerian Pug
Currant Pug
Common Pug
Mottled Pug
Jasione Pug
Tawny-speckled Pug
Bordered Pug
Shaded Pug
Grey Pug
Treble Bar
Small Seraphim
Yellow-barred Brindle
Early Tooth-striped
Magpie Moth
Clouded Magpie
Clouded Border
Scorched Carpet
Tawny-barred Angle
The V-Moth
Latticed Heath
Brown Silver-line
Barred Umber
Scorched Wing
Brimstone Moth
Bordered Beauty
Lilac Beauty
August Thorn
Canary-shouldered Thorn
Early Thorn
Lunar Thorn
Scalloped Hazel
Scalloped Oak
Swallow-tailed Moth
Feathered Thorn
March Moth
Pale Brindled Beauty
Brindled Beauty
Belted Beauty
Oak Beauty
Peppered Moth
Spring Usher
Scarce Umber
Dotted Border
Mottled Umber
Willow Beauty
Bordered Grey
Satin Beauty
Mottled Beauty
Dotted Carpet
The Engrailed
Small Engrailed
Grey Birch
Common Heath
Bordered White
Common White Wave
Common Wave
Clouded Silver
Early Moth
Light Emerald
Barred Red
The Annulet
Brussels Lace
Grey Scalloped Bar
Grass Wave
Grass Emerald
Large Emerald
Small Emerald
Little Emerald
Common Emerald
Puss Moth
Sallow Kitten
Alder Kitten
Lunar Marbled Brown
Iron Prominent
Pebble Prominent
Swallow Prominent
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Pale Prominent
Coxcomb Prominent
Scarce Prominent
Small Chocolate-tip
Straw Dot
Beautiful Snout
Pale Tussock
Dark Tussock
Buff Ermine
White Ermine
Muslin Moth
Clouded Buff
Ruby Tiger
Wood Tiger
Garden Tiger
Muslin Footman
Round-winged Muslin
Four-dotted Footman
Four-spotted Footman
Red-necked Footman
Buff Footman
Common Footman
Scarce Footman
The Fan-foot
Small Fan-foot
Marsh Oblique-barred
Pinion-streaked Snout
Small Purple-barred
Clifden Nonpareil
Burnet Companion
Mother Shipton
Dark Spectacle
Slender Burnished Brass
Burnished Brass
Silver Y
Beautiful Golden Y
Plain Golden Y
Gold Spangle
Stephen's Gem
Scarce Silver Y
Gold Spot
Marbled White Spot
Silver Hook
Nut-tree Tussock
Figure of Eight
Alder Moth
Grey Dagger
Light Knotgrass
Poplar Grey
Chamomile Shark
Copper Underwing
Mouse Moth
The Sprawler
Green-brindled Crescent
Early Grey
Bordered Sallow
Bordered Straw
Scarce Bordered Straw
Marbled Beauty
Small Mottled Willow
Mottled Rustic
Pale Mottled Willow
Treble Lines
Brown Rustic
Old Lady
Straw Underwing
Angle Shades
Small Angle Shades
Haworth's Minor
The Crescent
Frosted Orange
Rosy Rustic
Large Ear
Ear Moth
Crinan Ear
Flounced Rustic
Large Wainscot
Bulrush Wainscot
Small Wainscot
Small Dotted Buff
Rush Wainscot
Dusky Brocade
Clouded Brindle
Clouded-bordered Brindle
Rustic Shoulder-knot
Small Clouded Brindle
Slender Brindle
Dark Arches
Light Arches
Double Lobed
Common Rustic
Lesser Common Rustic
Rosy Minor
Cloaked Minor
Marbled Minor
Tawny Marbled Minor
Rufous Minor
Middle-barred Minor
Orange Sallow
Pink-barred Sallow
The Sallow
Beaded Chestnut
Flounced Chestnut
Red-line Quaker
Yellow-line Quaker
Lunar Underwing
Dark Chestnut
Tawny Pinion
Pale Pinion
Grey Shoulder-knot
Blair's Shoulder-knot
Red Sword-grass
Angle-striped Sallow
Centre-barred Sallow
Minor Shoulder-knot
Dingy Shears
Merveille du Jour
Brindled Green
Grey Chi
Deep-brown Dart
Northern Deep-brown Dart
Black Rustic
Brindled Ochre
Feathered Ranunculus
Dark Brocade
Pine Beauty
Clouded Drab
Common Quaker
Small Quaker
Lead-coloured Drab
Powdered Quaker
Northern Drab
Hebrew Character
Twin-spotted Quaker
Hedge Rustic
Feathered Gothic
The Nutmeg
Beautiful Yellow Underwing
Grey Arches
Pale-shouldered Brocade
Beautiful Brocade
Dog's Tooth
Bright-line Brown-eye
Dot Moth
Broom Moth
Glaucous Shears
Cabbage Moth
White Colon
The Campion
Broad-barred White
Marbled Coronet
Tawny Shears
Double Line
Brown-line Bright Eye
Common Wainscot
Smoky Wainscot
Southern Wainscot
Shore Wainscot
Shoulder-striped Wainscot
Pearly Underwing
Portland Moth
Square-spot Dart
White-line Dart
Garden Dart
Light Feathered Rustic
Heart and Dart
Turnip Moth
Archer's Dart
Crescent Dart
Shuttle Shaped Dart
Dark Sword-grass
Flame Shoulder
Barred Chestnut
Purple Clay
Ingrailed Clay
Small Square-spot
Red Chestnut
True Lover's Knot
Northern Rustic
Large Yellow Underwing
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Lesser Yellow Underwing
Least Yellow Underwing
Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
Great Brocade
Double Dart
Green Arches
Dotted Clay
Neglected Rustic
Heath Rustic
Square-spot Rustic
Six-striped Rustic
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Double Square-spot
Autumnal Rustic
Least Black Arches
Green Silver-lines
Oak Nycteoline