Small Angle Shades Noctuidae

Euplexia lucipara (Linnaeus, 1758)

Description: Wingspan 30-35 mm. Forewings are russet brown with a suffused pinkish area between the anterior and posterior lines. Stigmata are not clearly defined. The antemedian line is dark and quite straight. The postmedian line is dark and converges towards the antemedian line at the dorsum. There is a small golden blotch near the apex of the forewing. Hindwings are pale yellowish white, suffused with darker brown towards the terminal margin.

Key Identification Features:

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: Mid-May to early August.

Status: Widespread across southern counties but more localised further north with records from the Banagher area in Londonderry and Ballymoney and Rathlin Island Antrim.

Ecology: A common species found in a variety of habitats. Adults appear frequently at light and also at flowers. It rests during the day among ground vegetation, where its resemblance to withered leaves provides suitable camouflage. The larvae feed during August and September on Bracken Pteridium aquilinum, wild and cultivated ferns, birch Betula spp. and willow Salix spp.

World Distribution: Widespread throughout western Europe as far north as southern Sweden and Finland.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 2305 Agassiz number: 73.114

Additional information:

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