Six-striped Rustic Noctuidae

Xestia sexstrigata (Haworth, 1809)

Description: Wingspan 36-38 mm. Forewings are light to darkish brown with poorly-defined stigmata and six prominent, darker crosslines which are quite distinct. Hindwings pale ochreous brown with darker veining.

Key Identification Features:

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: Beginning of July to the beginning of September.

Status: Common and widespread in southern counties especially Armagh and Down, but more local elsewhere especially north of Lough Neagh. In the north it has only been recorded from the Magilligan area, Londonderry and Rathlin Island, Antrim.

Ecology: A species associated with damp woodland, marshy hollows, bogs and fens. Adults come frequently to light and also visit the flowers of Ragwort Senecio jacobaea. The larvae are polyphagous and feed from early autumn until the beginning of spring. It overwinters as a larva.

World Distribution: Throughout western Europe from Finland south to Spain and Portugal.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 2133 Agassiz number: 73.358

Additional information:

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