Turnip Moth Noctuidae

Agrotis segetum (Denis & Schiff., 1775)

Description: Wingspan 32-42mm. Adults show some variation in base colour. Forewing mainly light brown; stigmata usually darker. Hindwings pearly white.

Key Identification Features:

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: June and July and again in September to late October.

Status: Widely distributed in Armagh and Down, but rare elsewhere, having declined in other counties in recent years. Its present strongholds would appear to be around the southern part of the Lough Neagh basin.

Ecology: Associated with a variety of habitats including cultivated areas. Adults are attracted to light and flowers. The larvae feed during the autumn until spring and again in summer on root vegetables and possibly other cultivated plants. It overwinters as a larva.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 2087 Agassiz number: 73.319

Additional information:

UK Moths account


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