Bordered Beauty Geometridae

Epione repandaria (Hufnagel, 1767)

Description: Wingspan 28-31mm. Adults are orange-yellow with a darker brown outer margin to both wings. This band is quite wide and irregular in shape, especially on the inner margin, which is angled in both wings. There is also a series of small brownish cross-lines on both wings. Males have comb-like antenna.

Key Identification Features:

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: End of July to the beginning of October.

Status: Widespread in southern counties especially in some of the bogs and fens around north Armagh and many of the wetter woodlands in Fermanagh. Sporadic elsewhere with only a few recent records north of Lough Neagh.

Ecology: A wetland species associated with fens, bogs and wet marshy areas where willows grow. Adults are attracted to light but seldom more than one or two are seen. The larvae can be found from May until July on willows Salix spp. It overwinters as a pupa.

World Distribution: Central and southern Europe as far as the Caucasus.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 1907 Agassiz number: 70.227

Additional information:

UK Moths account


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