Manchester Treble-bar Geometridae

Maps updated: April 2008

Carsia sororiata anglica Prout, 1937

Description: Wingspan 24-30mm. Adults have pale grey forewings with reddish bands edged with white. The hindwings are unmarked pale brown.

Key Identification Features:

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: Skinner gives July and August as the main flight period.

Status: Described by Donovan as being scarce and local in Ireland. The only known N. Ireland record is from Lough Fea, Tyrone. No specimen exists to substantiate this claim although it has been widely accepted as being genuine. However, there have been no recent reports and its status in N. Ireland is uncertain. Elsewhere in Ireland there are records from Galway, Westmeath and Offaly.

Ecology: A northern species which in Britain is found on heaths and moorland. Adults become active around dusk and will feed on moorland flowers. The larvae can be found from April to June on Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus and Cranberry Vaccinium oxycoccus. It overwinters as an egg.

World Distribution: Across central and northern Europe to Siberia.

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