Drinker Lasiocampidae

Euthrix potatoria (Linnaeus, 1758)

Description: Wingspan 50-70mm. Adult males are generally reddish brown with the central areas of the forewings suffused with yellow. There is a thin distinctive median cross line terminating at the apex of the forewings and a small pale discal spot. The larger female is yellow and is similar to the male.

Sets:  male upperside female upperside

Flight Period: June to early August.

Status: Common and widespread throughout most counties, but surprisingly not recorded from Rathlin Island.

Ecology: Found mainly in damp habitats such as boggy meadows, heaths and moorland. Adults come frequently to light - males appear more commonly than females. The larvae feed on common reed,cock's foot and other grasses. The young larvae enter hibernation in the autumn and reappear again in early spring, when they are often found resting exposed on prominent grass stalks and along grassy tracks. Pupation takes place inside a yellowish paper-like cocoon that is easily found on the stems of grasses after emergence.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 1640 Agassiz number: 66.010

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