Pale Eggar Lasiocampidae

Maps updated: April 2008

Trichiura crataegi (Linnaeus, 1758)

Description: Wingspan 33-40mm. Adult males (which can be variable) have greyish forewings with a distinctive central dark greyish band. Females are slightly larger and have an overall browner colouration. The hindwings are plain greyish brown with a diffused central band.

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: Mid- August to the end of September.

Status: Scarce and local, reported from a few localities in west Fermanagh, mainly Correl Glen, (where it was first recorded in 1990), Gortahole and Monawilkin. There is an old record for Londonderry but this must be regarded as doubtful and may well have been misidentified as the Small Eggar which does occur in this county. Elsewhere in Ireland reported only from Clare and Kerry.

Ecology: An elusive species found mainly in open woodland, hedgerows and heathland. Adults are attracted to light, but appear only in small numbers. Despite increased fieldwork in west Fermanagh over the last few years no other colonies have been detected. However it may exist in other parts of the county in small isolated populations that still await discovery. The larvae feed on birch, blackthorn, and heather. It overwinters as an egg.


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