December Moth Lasiocampidae

Poecilocampa populi (Linnaeus, 1758)

Description: Wingspan 38-46mm. Adults have greyish brown forewings with a pale postmedian line. Hindwings paler with a diffused central band. Body dark brown and quite hairy. Males have larger feathery antenna.

Sets:  male upperside female upperside

Flight Period: Early October to mid-January, most commonly encountered from mid-November onwards.

Status: Widely distributed throughout N. Ireland, but more frequently recorded in south east.

Ecology: A moderately common species found in a variety of habitats, particularly woodland margins, clearings, bogs and gardens in small numbers. Adults (usually males) are attracted to light in small numbers. The larvae feed on the leaves of a variety of deciduous trees, such as oak, birch, and hawthorn. It overwinters as an egg, hatching in April.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 1631 Agassiz number: 66.001

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