Forester Zygaenidae

Adscita statices (Linnaeus, 1758)

Description: Wingspan 26-29mm. Adults are bronzy green with an iridescent sheen and fly during the day in sunshine; males and females are similar. This moth is unlikely to be confused with any other species.

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: Late April to the end of June.

Status: Local, confined to southern and western counties with scattered colonies in north Armagh and west Fermanagh. Apparently absent from Antrim and Down.

Ecology: A declining species mainly associated with fens and wet flowery meadows. The progressive loss of suitable habit has no doubt contributed to its decline. Despite its conspicuous green colour the adult moth is quite elusive and rarely seen. The most stable population seems to be in north Armagh were individuals can be seen in most years. It has a particular fondness for the flowers of species such as ragged robin and buttercup which are associated with damp meadows. The larvae, which overwinter, feed on sorrel.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 0163 Agassiz number: 54.002

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