As with all biological recording projects, we are grateful to a small but dedicated band of local enthusiasts whose efforts and commitment have made this product viable. Equally, there are considerable numbers of individuals who are keen and active recorders of butterflies and moths; this list being too long to document in this section. The efforts, however, of all resident and visiting recorders must be applauded and we thank these individuals for their contributions to the database held at the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR).

We especially thank the hard work and endeavour of Butterfly Conservation (NI Branch). The local branch continues to co-ordinate the collection, collation, management and dissemination of Lepidoptera records. The hard work and efforts of the current recorders, Trevor Boyd (Butterflies) and Ernie Donaldson (Macro Moths) and their predecessors, have focused our attentions on the merits of Lepidoptera recording. We acknowledge their drive and commitment. Special mention must also be made of the efforts of Dave Allen and Maurice Hughes, in validating and verifying the records stored on the database.

The Steering Committee for the project would also like to acknowledge the financial support of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and the in kind financial support provided by the Ulster Museum. In the Ulster Museum Robert Nash of the Zoology Department has been instrumental in sourcing set specimens from the Lavery and Haynes collections and Brian Rutledge of the Photographic Department took the digital photographs of these specimens for our enjoyment. Robert Nash has also provided comment on the text and images. We are also indebted to Bernard Picton of the Zoology Department for his contribution to the design and layout of the web pages. Without the support of NIEA and Ulster Museum this product would not have been possible.

We also thank Jim Porter for providing the excellent caterpillar images used in this website.

We also thank Stuart Ball of the JNCC for his long-term help and support with the Recorder database which stores the data and Alan Morton for DMap for Windows which was used to generate the distribution maps.

An important aspect of this project has been the construction of a fully validated and verified data set. To guarantee the Northern Ireland data set remains fully up-to-date and accurate a local Lepidoptera Records Committee has been constituted. The recently appointed Butterfly Conservation Regional Development Officer, Maurice Hughes, chairs the Committee; we wish them success in the future.

As our knowledge of the local Lepidoptera fauna expands, we will look forward to regular updates of the text, maps and images for this site.