Links to a selection of websites covering sponges.

ETI Identification guide to Sponges of the NE Atlantic Rob van Soest, Bernard Picton & Christine Morrow
Ulster Museum collectionSearchable sponge collection database for the Ulster Museum
Sponge collectionsListings of sponge collections in museums (Shirley Stone)
Zoologisch Museum Amsterdam collectionSearchable sponge collection database for the Amsterdam Museum
Sponge literatureSearchable literature database for sponge references
World Porifera DatabaseWorld list of extant sponges
Sponge barcoding projectAiding in the identification and description of Poriferan taxa (DNA)
Sponge genetree serverThe Sponge Genetree Server aims to summarize genetic information on sponges that has been accumulated in recent years
Sessile marine invertebrates FAQ on sponges at Queensland Museum, Australia
Sponge guide Identification guide to Caribbean sponges
Porifera mailing list archives Archive of messages to the Porifera mailing list