Helminthora divaricata (C Agardh) J Agardh

Helminthora divaricata

Description: Gametangial plants are attached by discoid holdfast growing to 25 cms in height, well branched and mucilaginous at least when young. Tetrasporangial plants only known in culture.

Habitat: Epilithic on Polyides rotundus or on gravel, shells etc. Sublittoral to 30 m.

Distribution: Generally south-western in the British Isles, but recorded from Scotland including the Shetlands. Europe: Mediterranean, Atlantic coast of France and Denmark.

Similar Species: Nemalion helminthoides has relatively few branches and Helminthocladia calvadosii.

Key Identification Features:

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 Morton, O. & Picton, B.E., 2010. [In] Encyclopedia of Marine Life of Britain and Ireland

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