BioMar survey of the Kenmare River area, Co. Kerry, August, 1995  

W of Inishkeelaghmore, Sneem Harbour.

Dive number: 950817/06 Date: 17 August 1995

Site Description: Bedrock reef just west of the group of islands which surround Sneem Harbour. Rocky surfaces all very silty and rather sparsely colonised. Vertical surfaces particularly densely covered in Neocrania anomala, with other areas with Caryophyllia smithii. Coralline crusts over most surfaces. Deepest habitat surveyed comprised boulders and cobbles with coarse sand at the base of a short cliff face. Fauna similar to that on shallower rock.

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Subsite: Silty lower circalittoral bedrock with Neocrania anomala. details

Subsite Description: A ridge of bedrock with steep sides and covered in silt. The very steep sides were colonised by superabundant Neocrania anomala towards the base of the area surveyed. At the top of the area surveyed Rhodymenia ardissonei ? was occasional as was Delesseria sanguinea and Neocrania were less abundant. Cliona celata was occasional particularly towards the top. Aslia lefevrei were frequent throughout. Notable lack of hydroids and sponges.

Subsite: A plain of boulders, cobbles and coarse sand with Neocrania anomala and Caryophyllia smithii. details

Subsite Description: A plain of boulders, cobbles on coarse sand. The boulders were colonised by Pomatoceros triqueter and Caryophyllia smithii on their upper surfaces and Neocrania anomala on the very steep/vertical faces. One Pecten maximus was present on the sediment which also had numerous vertical holes with a small diameter.

Photograph no. w2081
Caryophyllia smithii
Photograph no. w2082
Photograph no. w2083
Neocrania anomala
Photograph no. w2084
Neocrania anomala
Photograph no. w2085
Marthasterias glacialis
Photograph no. w2086
Caryophyllia smithii, Echinus esculentus
Photograph no. w2087

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