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Citation: Nichols, A.R. 1902 A list of Irish echinoderms. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 24B: 231-267

Number of Pages: 37

Volume Part: 5



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Keywords: Benthos, Bibliography, Biogeography, Checklist, Echinodermata, Marine, Sublittoral

Abstract: The results of the first attempt to compile a complete list of Irish echinoderms are presented. The coast was divided into six provinces in order to map the distribution of the species. The list includes both shallow water (0-100 fathoms) and deep water species (100-1000 fathoms). Two shallow water species, Cucumaria andrewsi and C. saxicola, were peculiar to Ireland, though their identification was in doubt. Five deep water species, which were previously only obtained on the west coast of Ireland, were recorded; Holothuria aspera, Astropecten sphenoplax, Pentagonaster greeni, Hymenaster giganteus, and Cidaris gracilis. The purple sea urchin Strongylocentrotus lividus was noted as very characteristic of the western coast of Ireland from Malin Head to the south coast of Cork. A southern species, Holothuria forskali, was generally distributed on the west coast, with no record of its occurrence on the east coast; this was also the case regarding Luidia ciliaris and L. sarsi.

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