• Verrucaria striatula Wahlenb.
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Verrucaria striatula
© Mike Simms
Verrucaria striatula
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(Map updated: 11 August 2009)

This is a green-black, crustose species occurring on siliceous maritime rocks in the mid- to high-tide mark on rocky coasts. The thallus is distinctive in its cover of black dots and ridges which gives the surface a rough texture. It is frequent in suitable coastal habitats throughout Ireland.

Key characteristics

  • The combination of dark ridges and tiny black dots on a green-black thallus immediately suggests this species
  • Verrucaria amphibia is blacker with ridges but lacks the dot matrix that gives the thallus its surface texture.

Original text submitted by Simon Davey

 Simms, M. J., (2016). Verrucaria striatula Wahlenb.. [In] LichenIreland. Accessed on 2019-01-23.