• Micarea ternaria (Nyl.) Vězda
Micarea ternaria
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(Map updated: 11 August 2009)

Very like Micarea lignaria but with smaller, consistently three-septate spores and habitat of coastal rocks and scattered stones. It should be noted that this is an arctic species; its taxonomy is suspect; a revision of its true identity is overdue. In Ireland, the species is known from Connemara.

Key characteristics

  • In appearance very similar to M. lignaria
  • Spores no more than three-septate and smaller in length (<22Ám) than in that species; coastal rocks.

Original text submitted by Vince J. Giavarini

 Simms, M. J., (2016). Micarea ternaria (Nyl.) Vězda. [In] LichenIreland. Accessed on 2019-03-23.