• Trapelia obtegens (Th.Fr.) Hertel
Trapelia obtegens
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(Map updated: 11 August 2009)

This is an acid rock lichen of stony waste and spoil. It most commonly occurs as small, scattered convex lumps (areoles to 1mm diam.) covered in greenish soredia that are C (fresh bleach) + red. It can also have a form resembling rather congested aggregations of rounded squamules. The brown discs are not always present. Central and eastern Ireland mainly.

Key characteristics

  • Scattered squamules with greenish soredia
  • Thallus C+ red; acid dusty sites: old quarries, mines, spoil, and in urban areas, brick.

Original text submitted by Vince J. Giavarini

 Simms, M. J., (2016). Trapelia obtegens (Th.Fr.) Hertel. [In] LichenIreland. Accessed on 2019-08-25.