• Lecanora albescens (Hoffm.) Branth & Rostr.
Lecanora albescens
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(Map updated: 11 August 2009)

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This lichen, which is common everywhere on buildings, pavements, walls and concrete, forms small, scurfy, chalky-white to grey-white, amoebae-shaped spots and blotches, about the size of a child’s fingernail. The discs are crowded with thick, white margins and pale pink to green centres that are variably frosted over as if breathed on. Calcareous rock: it is abundant on churches, limestone memorials, garden patios and the like.

Key characteristics

  • Very small, scattered white patches, congested in the centre on walls, concrete and limestone buildings
  • Discs often distorted, with slightly frosted, pink to greenish centres and white margins.

Original text submitted by Vince J. Giavarini

 Simms, M. J., (2016). Lecanora albescens (Hoffm.) Branth & Rostr.. [In] LichenIreland. Accessed on 2018-06-22.