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Census Catalogue of Irish Lichens by M.R.D. Seward

Census Catalogue of Irish Lichens


A new census catalogue of Irish lichens, based on vice-county distribution, enumerates 1,165 lichen taxa (including five subspecies, 20 varieties and six forms) and 204 taxa of lichenicolous fungi and non-lichenized fungi; a significant proportion of the vice-county distributional data assembled is derived from earlier records, the present status of which has not been determined. There has been a 78 per cent increase in post-1960 records since the previous census catalogue was published 16 years ago. An appendix includes a list of taxa or vice-county records of taxa omitted from the present census catalogue; although many of these are based on published records which have proved erroneous, a few, if confirmed, will provide additional records, some new to the Irish lichen flora. A bibliography is also provided of sources of Irish records not cited in previous checklists.

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