Ground Beetles of Ireland

Chlaenius tristis

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Chlaenius tristis
© Roy Anderson
Chlaenius tristis
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Chlaenius tristis (Schaller, 1783)

Description: A pubescent, 11-13mm long, greenish black ground beetle living among dense vegetation in rich fens. Scattered in undisturbed, very wet fens and marshes.

World Distribution: This species has a Eurasian Wide-temperate distribution (65), including most of Europe, and extends east to the Amur in Siberia. It appears to be decreasing over much of northern Europe.

Irish Status: A rare species reported by Johnson & Halbert (1902) from Clare and Kildare. Speight (1977) trapped a female of this species on the east shore of Lough Ree, Westmeath and there are several older records for the Killarney District, Kerry. Good (pers. comm.) has recently taken the species in pitfall traps at Kilmacduagh in Clare. At one time it was thought to have become extinct in Britain but has very recently been trapped at a site in north Wales (Hodge, 1998).

Ecology: Very hygrophilous on richly vegetated, swampy, river and lake margins.