Ground Beetles of Ireland

Badister meridionalis

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Badister meridionalis
© Roy Anderson
Badister meridionalis
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Badister meridionalis Puel, 1925

Description: A 6-7mm long attractive bright orange and black predatory ground beetle very similar to B. bullatus. Found rarely in turlough margins.

World Distribution: A Suboceanic temperate species (72), scattered and rare across west and central Europe from southern Sweden and the British Isles to southern France and Switzerland.

Irish Status: Added to the Irish List by Speight (1976b) from Garryland Wood, Lough Coole, south-east Galway. There have been several subsequent records for the Lough Coole catchment including Timoleague turlough. Unknown elsewhere in Ireland and very rare in Britain.

Ecology: In its Irish haunts found under stones on bare silt or gravel by drying turloughs on wooded limestone.