Ground Beetles of Ireland

Acupalpus dubius

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Acupalpus dubius
© Roy Anderson
Acupalpus dubius
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Acupalpus dubius Schilsky, 1888

Description: A small (2.5-2.7mm) brownish black ground beetle of damp moss, leaf litter, etc, in marshy and heathy places. Mostly in coastal localities but also on montane peat.

World Distribution: A European temperate species (73) distributed from the British Isles to southern Germany and France, and east to Silesia and the Caucasus.

Irish Status: Probably widespread in Ireland but under-recorded. British sites are concentrated in the south-east with only single records for the north of England and Scotland.

Ecology: This species appears to occupy two distinct habitats in Ireland. In the south and east it is mainly recorded from warm, humid, marshy sites beside ponds and pools on the coast, often in partially saline conditions (e.g. at Newtownards, Down). In the north and west there are records for Sphagnum on acid, peaty lakeshores (Derryadd Lough, Armagh) or on raised bog (Garry Bog and The Isles, Antrim).