Ground Beetles of Ireland

Amara convexior

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Amara convexior
© Roy Anderson
Amara convexior
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Amara convexior Stephens, 1828

Description: A 7-8mm long brassy Amara of dry gravelly ground, often in gravel pits and field margins. Very rare in Ireland.

World Distribution: A Eurosiberian Wide-temperate species (64) distributed from southern and western Europe to Asia Minor and east into western Siberia.

Irish Status: Confirmed as an Irish species from a specimen collected at Downhill, Londonderry (Nash et al., 1997). May have been a vagrant in this geographical area. Bullock (1932a) records a specimen from near Killarney, Kerry which was overlooked by Speight et al. (1983) and Anderson et al. (1997). The Bullock record may have provided the justification for Joy (1932) and Lindroth (1974) to include A. convexior as an Irish species. Taken recently (July 2000) in an arable field at Glinny near Riverstick, mid Cork.

Ecology: Very closely related to Amara communis but more xerophilic and confined to well-drained sandy or gravelly soil.