Ground Beetles of Ireland

Agonum afrum

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Agonum afrum
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Agonum afrum
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Agonum afrum (Duftschmid, 1812)

Description: 8-9.5mm long black ground beetle living among vegetation in marshes and fens, occasionally on bare wet mud of riverbanks and lakeshores.

World Distribution: A European Wide-temperate species (63) distributed across Europe, except the extreme south and extreme north, possibly to the Caucasus. Formerly known as A. moestum (Duftschmid), it belongs to the A. viduum complex of species which has recently been revised by Schmidt (1994). The above range may eventually be extended as its distribution in the east is clarified.

Irish Status: Widespread in suitable habitats.

Ecology: Recorded from clayish eutrophic lakeshores, in litter under alder in rich carr or in inter-drumlin fens. Irish material available to us has been examined to see if any of the recent sibling species clarified by Schmidt (1994) are present. Only A. afrum was found and is confirmed as a widespread Irish species.