Ground Beetles of Ireland

Cillenus lateralis

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Cillenus lateralis
© Roy Anderson
Cillenus lateralis
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Cillenus lateralis (Samouelle, 1819)

Description: A 3-4mm long yellowish ground beetle with metallic green foreparts. On sheltered tidal mud or sand of saltmarshes and estuaries, under Ulva and litter on the strandline.

World Distribution: A Suboceanic Southern-temperate species (82) found on coasts from southern Denmark and the British Isles south to the Iberian Peninsula and north Africa but not in the eastern Mediterranean.

Irish Status: Restricted to sheltered inlets and estuaries but very widespread and fairly common.

Ecology: Stenotopic for sheltered, usually estuarine, mudflats with fine sand or gravel on the upper middle and upper shores. Typically found under stones or deposits of Ulva and Enteromorpha on or near the strandline, but can withstand considerable periods of immersion in saltwater. Found closer to the open sea on estuaries than either B. lunatum or B. maritimum. It feeds largely on talitrids.