Ground Beetles of Ireland

Asaphidion curtum

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Asaphidion curtum
© Roy Anderson
Asaphidion curtum
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Asaphidion curtum (Heyden, 1870)

Description: A small (4-5mm) bronze ground beetle with prominent eyes and and with elytra decorated by prominent depressions and microsculpture. Only recently added to the Irish list by the splitting of A flavipes. Common on bare soil in gardens and on sandy mull soils near freshwater.

World Distribution: A recent segregate of A. flavipes and the wider distribution is poorly known. It has so far been reported widely across north and central Europe to the Iberian Peninsula, including the British Isles. It is provisionally classified as European Wide-temperate (63).

Irish Status: Added to the British Isles list by Speight et al. (1986). Older Irish records of A. flavipes mostly refer to this species.

Ecology: Very common in the greater Belfast area in gardens with open, loamy soil, and in general lightly shaded loams appear to be its normal habitat. However, Asaphidion taken from sandy, open or partially shaded, riparian habitats in Ireland also key to this species although the habitat indicates A. flavipes.