Ground Beetles of Ireland

Agonum versutum

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Agonum versutum
© Roy Anderson
Agonum versutum
W. W. Fowler
Agonum versutum
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Agonum versutum Sturm, 1824

Description: A 7-8.5mm long black beetle with bronze relection, living at the margin of freshwater, usually among Carex and mosses. Very rare in Ireland.

World Distribution: A Eurasian Wide-temperate species (65) distributed across north and west Europe south to central France and north Italy and east to the River Amur in Siberia.

Irish Status: There appear to be only two Irish records of this species. Johnson & Halbert (1902) give a record for Killaloe in Clare and Speight et al. (1983) report a Killarney record of Janson (1920) verified by vouchers in the Natural History Museum, London. It has declined recently in Britain and is now almost confined to habitats around the Severn Estuary (Luff, 1998).

Ecology: Very hygrophilous in richly vegetated, muddy lakeshores and riverbanks.