Symphoricarpos albusSnowberry
Flowers of snowberry

Family: Caprifoliaceae

Origin: Eastern N America

A common garden shrub of older gardens, much given to vigorous suckering; whippy, bright, shiny brown branches bear mid-green leaves, which are usually rounded but occasionally lobed; tiny bright pink flowers appear from spring right through the summer, and are followed by round, waxy-looking, white berries. Probably better in open woodland, rather than in smaller town gardens, where its suckering habit can cause great irritation; a smaller variety, 'White Hedger', has, however, been recommended for hedging.

Fruit of snowberry

A variety of the species, S. albus var. laevigatus (originally known as S. rivularis), differs mainly only in being of a significantly greater height (up to 3 m as opposed to 1-2 m); it is likely that this is the snowberry of most Northern Ireland gardens.

Introduced 1879.

The generic name is derived from the Greek, and is a reference to the fruits (karpon), borne together (symphorein) in a cluster.

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