Mount Stewart:
Mount Stewart is situated on the west side of the Ards Peninsula and is owned by the National Trust. The gardens were laid out by Lady Londonderry in the 1920s and 1930s.
Castlewellan Forest Park:
The National Arboretum (Annesley Arboretum) Castlewellan Forest Park, Castlewellan, Co. Down. This fine arboretum is managed by the Forestry Service of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Other places:
Some New Zealand plants are very common about Northern Ireland e.g. New Zealand privet, Griselinia littoralis, is a very common hedging shrub in both towns and country areas.
Cabbage-palms, Cordyline australis, are very frequent in gardens especially around the coast.
A few species have become naturalised and occur as 'weeds' in the wild, such as pirri-pirri burr, Acaena ovalifolia, and related species and the New Zealand willowherb, Epilobium brunnescens.
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